How To Data Recovery From Broken Screen Android Phone?

If your smartphone suffered a bad fall and part or all of the screen no longer turns on, do not despair. It may still be possible to Data Recovery on it.

No need for obscure software or command line tools. All you need is a relatively new phone (with a USB-C port), some computer hardware.

The manipulation will consist of moving the screen of the phone to a secondary monitor to be able to display the interface of Data Recovery your mobile there. Note that this method only works with Android phones and your mobile must still be on. 

If other components besides the screen are out of order, it may not work. Not all mobiles are capable of using video mirroring, so you will have to check with yours.

Once you’ve successfully accessed your phone, you can use your mouse and keyboard to navigate the interface. If you have favorite backup tools, you can use them. If you have received a message that you wish to reply to, you will be able to do so. Concretely, you have full access to your mobile thanks to your screen, your keyboard and your mouse.

If you want to transfer data by hand and avoid Google’s cloud, you have the option of plugging a hard drive or USB drive into the hub. Your phone should detect it automatically and you can export your Data Recovery from the mobile’s internal memory to your mobile storage using any file manager application. Then plug the memory device into your new phone and retrieve the data that interests you.