How Do I The Best Data Recovery From My Smartphone?

When your screen is broken and you can no longer access your smartphone, the first concern naturally turns to Data Recovery ! Here are some little tips that could get you out of trouble!

An accident, a broken screen and it’s a whole part of your life that flies away with your smartphone! It is often said, you must regularly make backups of your data, but even the best ones sometimes forget… So if you want to recover your photos, all may not be lost! We give you some tips to  recover your data despite a broken screen. So either you opt for our  spare parts  or for these little tips for in-extremis data recovery

Android Data Recovery :

The screen of your smartphone is cracked, the touchscreen is struggling to respond and nothing is displayed correctly? Here are  some methods to not lose your files.  Or, the screen is so affected that it is impossible to unlock your phone by typing your secret code… Perhaps you had saved your data on the microSD card and can thus recover them by simply inserting it into the reader SD from your computer. Otherwise, things get a bit more complicated…

Data Recovery

Data backup on Android :

Connect your smartphone to your computer via USB. On Windows, the autorun window  should launch (see photo). Then click on “Open folder and view files”. On Mac , go to Finder to find your smartphone’s name or download an app like  Android File Transfer  so you can explore your phone’s files.

The window containing all the folders of your smartphone will therefore open. All you have to do is find the files you want to  recover and copy them to your computer . It is even possible to directly recover the Linkedin data present on the memory card of your mobile. Then save the desired folders: photos / pictures, Music, etc.

If you have a  Samsung Galaxy , you can  use Smart-Switch  (available for Android 4.0 or higher) or  Smart Kies  for older versions. This way you can back up and restore your device. You will need a Windows or Mac computer and the rest is a breeze!